2 Sites To Get A Custom Google+ Profile URL

Google+, even after one week of its launch it has been the hot piece of news  all over. Its new amazing features, simplicity, ease of sharing and the positive feedback that’s coming from the users is making it a new and complete social network. Even though it is on invitation basis, by now people who are inside Google+ have setup their Google+ profiles and started sharing their profiles links. But Google has not yet made possible to trim the long Google+ profile URL which contains a long sequence of numbers which is not easy to remember or to share offline.

Here are two unofficial websites which can trim your Google+ profile URL. These websites does not blend your Google ID into the URL but need a custom username which sounds cool to share the URL link online or offline.


This is a cool Google+ URL shortening service which lets you make a custom Google+ profile link by appending your nickname. The custom username must be of least 3 to at most 25 characters, and should not contain numbers or special characters.


Another new Google+ profile address shortener which lets you add _, . in the custom username.
It should be of 5-40 characters long.

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