Either pen drive or an external hard drive commonly any external USB storage drive is used primarily only for storing data. This USB storage drive went ahead then just storing. Here we are going to find out what else your USB drive can do. Let’s have a start with tiny pen drive and ways to turn it into more effective and productive device.

USB Drivers

1. Install and run full-featured applications:

Using a full featured application suit is leading and more common way to get most out of your USB pen drive. These suits can help you to run any software or application right away from your pen drive. The basic set of portable versions of popular tools, well organized and effectively programmed is nothing but application suit. ‘PortableApps’ and ‘WinPenPack’ are most popular and widely accepted suits. Have a try of them one of it will be fit to your need.

2. Bootable device:

Operating system installation over CD or DVD is something in old fashion trend. Using your pen drive to boot operating system is being more convenient. You can create a bootable version of any operating system and mount it on your pen drive which gives access equivalent to any other disk. You could use same pen drive to boot multiple operating systems. Quite impressive yet more basic function of a pen drive.

3. Encrypt it well:

Got something more and most of important? You can use your pen drive as a document locker. Download ‘TrueCrypt’ or any other encryption tool and use it with your pen drive to get encrypted storage of confidential data. You can assign password to your USB Pen drive. Get powerful password managers like ‘LastPass’ and ‘KeePass’ and get your data password protected.

4. Windows on USB:

Still most of users don’t know but windows 8 Enterprise editions can be run completely off a pen drive. It takes 32GB drive (This is not very hard product to get these days) or larger to mount whole operating system. Most of everyday windows user might feel its non useful but many business owners and entrepreneurs knows the value of caring own operating system and set of programs along with them.

5. Dropbox or Google Drive :

Have you ever stopped or skipped work on someone else’s computer just for you don’t have access to your Dropbox account or Google Drive and you hate their web versions like anything. Now your thumb drive can give you way out. Dropbox is available through ‘PortableApps’ or you can set it up separately and ‘SyncDocs gives access to Google Drive or can be used separately.

6. Ultimate rescue drive:

Your USB pen drive can be ultimate saviour. Most of the antivirus and anti spyware applications like BitDefender, Norton and AVG offers a way through to create rescue CD or drive to operate system even after attack of malware. You can also make your thumb drive all in one recovery agent via ‘Ultimate Boot CD’.

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