Chrome is one the most popular web browser by Google. People loves it because it is user friendly, can manage their favorite bookmarks by synchronizing with Google account to use them from any where. In our previous article “How to Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage” we mention how you can minimize your chrome CPU usage and speed up your browser. In this article I would like to share 7 most useful extensions for every common man who browse through chrome.

Chrome extensions

#1. URL shortener: Google’s is a URL shortener which helps to shorten the web URL to make an easy share with your friends. This counts how many people clicked on your link which is shared by you. Google offers this URL shortner as an chrome extension which is useful to make your URL’s shorten by staying on the webpage itself, you can share the tiny link which was generated with your bellowed ones.

#2. One-Click Extensions Manager: This is the most use full extension which helps to activate/deactivate the existing extensions at any time. This helps to put off extension which are not used frequently. This helps to minimize the chrome CPU usage and boost up the chrome browser for faster usage.

#3. Speed Dial: Speed dial extension helps to make your make favorite/frequently used webpages to load at a click. You can customize the webpages which you surf regularly to available at a click this save your time and keeps reminding you the pages that you are used to visit.

#4. Awesome Screenshot: This extension helps to have a snap on the particular object/paragraph of the webpage. This is really help full if you don’t have permission to to download the image you can have a snap on that picture. It is very help full in highlighting the text in an web page to send query or doubt to another person.

#5. Google Dictionary: This helps to know the exact meaning of the new word which you come across which reading any article in an webpage. With the help of this extension you can clarify your doubt on the page it self.

#6. Ad blocker: This helps to block the unwanted ads while surfing. This stops displaying the popup ads and the ads which interrupt at the time of reading. It also helps to load the webpage faster as there is no need to download any script which have ads.

#7. Stop Autoplay for YouTube: This extension helps to stop auto play of the video in youtube. Which helps to save your data plan and stops unwanted videos to be start streaming. Many sites enable auto play of youtube videos which make interception at the time of searching for a particular thing. This app is really help full at that time.

These are the few best extensions that one should have to make your chrome browser more productive. If you have any more productive extensions drop them in the comments and if they are really useful we will add those extensions in this list.


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