Apple has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Samsung for copying  iPhone and iPad designs in the Galaxy series of mobile phones and tablets. The lawsuit was filed for infringing number of Apple patents and trademarks. Apple says that instead of coming with a new idea for its devices it took the Apple’s way being convenient. From the core hardware to the the packaging structure Apple says that Samsung has copied.

Apple selling iPhones from 2007 and came with some better versions with time. The company released its iPad last year and in march it released its successor iPad2.

The world’s largest manufacturer of flat screen televisions,  LCDs and computer memory chips, Samsung began selling the Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet computer in the U.S. last year. All the devices of the samsung Galaxy series run on Android.

Samsung spokesman Kim Titus replied in response that “Samsung will respond actively to this legal action taken against us through appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property,”


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