Author: Manendra

Amazon Cloud Player for UK music lovers

Good news to all the music lovers from UK now amazon cloud player is available in UK. This service allows users to save music files in their cloud store and can listed to favorite music up to 10 devices. This amazon cloud player is already available in for web browsers, iPhone and android, now amazon […]

Best FireFox add-ons to increase your browsing speed

When you’re browsing the net, it can be very frustrating to find the experience slower than you would like, pages seem to take ages to load and if you ask too much of it, you can find that FireFox freezes completely. So here are some of the best add-ons that you will find to make […]

Interview with Pintrest team member Yashh

Today , I am very excited to post an interview session with one of the team members of  the upcoming social network Pintrest, Mr Yashwanth. Here are some few questions we quoted and the pleasant answers from him. Can you please give a small introduction about yourself to our readers ? Hi I am Yashh […]

AMD Drivers for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Couple of days back Windows has released its new product Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The features of this new Windows 8 is simply awesome. If you are use of AMD who runs AMD graphics hardware on your PC then this article is especially for you. AMD has releases new drivers for their users who wants […]


Wikipedia goes on strike against SOPA & PIPA

Did you ever imagine one of the Major Internet Information banks like Wikipedia going dark…Yes!! It happened on 18th Jan, where the Wikipedia administrators had blocked the content of their website to bring in the awareness within the huge community that access its knowledge bank.  Why Wikipedia did block its site?? The idea of shutting […]

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