Since from couple of weeks I was hearing BBM is going to available for Android users soon..! Which sounds really cool but how far it completate the WhatsApp usage in India Market. Each of these have their own importance compared to BBM no one can give 100% rating to WhatsApp compared to BBM as all BBM have its unique ID and every thing will get synchronized to its server and easy to retrieve the contacts in a couple of seconds when ever you lost them.

BBM over Whatsapp

While coming to India Market WhatsApp is cheaper than BBM, the common user who is having internet activation in their mobile can use the WhatsApp which is free for 1 year and later Rs55 ($1) to get continue with the WhatsApp account. Coming to BBM, Indian Mobile network service providers charges a high price as there is special tariff to activate BBM for a period of 30days. I obey there is a quite difference between the both services compared to WhatsApp and BBM. Blackberry messenger is more faster and secure compared to WhatsApp. To get withstand in the Indian Market Black Berry (RIM) has to reduce the service rentals to Mobile network service providers to increase the BBM users in India if at all BBM is open for all the Android users.

As a BB user I always welcome BBM for Android so that it is easy to be in touch with most of my friends in BBM which is faster and secure. But I seriously recommend mobile network providers to reduce their charges over BBM services for better engagement of users in BBM.

So what is your opinion on this ? How you welcome this new BBM services to your Android device ?


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