Best 3 Free Photoshop Like Sites.

Activities that we do online are increasing day by day and image editing is not an exception for that. When you need to edit images for sharing or for uploading to your social network sometimes tweaking your photos need to be done. Photoshop comes first in the row when you think of editing a photo but when you don’t have the setup in your disk or do not want to waste time on installing the software then here are the best 3 free sites that almost are good as Photoshop.

Aviary Pheonix

Aviary Phoenix, a simple and yet powerful image editing web application. From basic editing like retouching to ultimate complex effects, phoenix has all the credits to do the things for image editing.


Pixlr  is the best replica of the Photoshop available on the web. With numerous filters and masks Pixlr gives you the best in image editing. All the tools of Photoshop can be seen on the site. Pixlr Firefox add-on lets you directly edit images from any website.Photo sharing can also be done easily on the site.

Splash Up

With all the tools and filters integrated in the site splash up impresses with the interface. Some of the cool features of Splashup are

  • pixel level control
  • layers of depth,
  • multiple images editing tool

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