I was on Internet  this morning searching an eBook for a long time and when I finally landed on the eBook link on a forum, I was stopped at the log in page to get registered and then to download the eBook. Thanks to the disposable email services which made me access an inbox temporarily. I just entered a random email id (example; random@mailinator.com) and directly went into the inbox and downloaded the eBook.

These disposable or temporary email services allow us to access an inbox which gets disposed including the emails in it after few days, few hours  and sometimes few minutes. These sites help us in hiding our identity by not revealing your real email address and also in avoiding spam.And above all this is free and does not need any registration or sign-up process. Just pop into your inbox and check mail.

Let us check out the best 4 disposable email address that help you moving forward..!!




First let us start with my favorite, mailinator.com. With simple user interface and being relatively fast, mailinator is more popular in this service.

Mailinator holds only 10 messages at once and all attachments – pictures, binary files, etc. – are stripped out to clean out the spam. Too many recipients and email size more than 120k are some other filters which mailnator basically uses to eliminate emails entering into inbox.

Using it for past few years it helped me at struck-at-the-site events.




10minutemail.com is another nice and disposable email service which I came around few weeks back. The temporary email id which you create on the site expires in just 10minutes and if you wish it to extend the time you can just click on “give me 10 more minutes”. A cool feature which I liked more than mailinator.com is that you can just read your emails right on the homepage without navigating much. An email address ready to be used is just displayed on the homepage which you can use readily for making your way ‘into’ sites.

Another good reason for opting 10minutemail is that you can reply using your random email id. 10minutemail says that “an average person simply can’t trust a random site or forum with their real e-mail address and that is what which drives importance of the service”.

10minutemail continually swaps out the e-mail domain on a regular basis to save server from dying under the flood of spam.




MailCatch.com comes next in the row which comes with all regular elements of a disposable email service and also with some great features which make it a power packed service, those include POP3 protocol access, forwarding by email and the last is RSS.

POP3 protocol can be used to receive your temporary email address or you can even forward the temporary emails to your real email id by email forwarding. But these two services are only available to premium users.One premium account gives you rights to access all and any inboxes on MailCatch.com. It also allows you to define as many email forwards as you can.

And best thing about mailcatch.com is that you can access your email id  through RSS without making your pocket burn. For fast and easy access on firefox browser you can just install MailCatch.com add on from here and post your email id right into the box without actually visiting MailCatch.com.




The site says about their name Mailnesia as “It’s from Greek nesia: means islands. So Mailnesia means ‘mail islands’. Think of Amnesia, as in, make a fake address, register, and then forget about it”.

Mailnesia has features like HTML support, RSS feed for mailbox and more. Another good feature is the automatic link verification and activation. Mailnesia automatically looks in the body of your email for any registration/activation links and visits them automatically. This feature will save you a lot of time if you need to sign up on web services a lot.

If you don’t want anybody reading your mail, you set an alias for your mailbox. You hand out the alias, and accessing the messages is only possible from the original mailbox, not from the alias!!

For example let’s say you have assigned the alias jaffa6 to the mailbox moronme. If somebody opens jaffa6, there will be an error message stating this is an alias, sending mail here is redirected elsewhere, and no email messages can be viewed here. And at moronme you can read mails coming to jaffa6 where a reminder says that the assigned alias is jaffa6.




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