Photo Editing apps for Android

Photo Editing apps for Android

Wondering how your friends on Facebook and Twitter are uploading high customized/ professional photographs on their wall profile? It’s not a big deal now there are plenty of photo editing apps for android mobile available on play store that helps to add more color to photos which were captured using your smartphone.

We have discussed a list of online photo editing websites which can be used on your desktop or laptop. As the rapid growth of smartphone now you can upload your pictures directly from the mobile device itself. As we need more comments and likes to our profile pictures 😉 we need to do a bit smart work to brush your snaps to look beautiful.

I have worked on plenty of image editing app available in play store and found few app that can help you to edit pictures on the go, and here is the best photo editing app for android users. I listed these apps by keeping a common person in mind.

AirBrush Best Selfie Editor:

This is one of the best selfie editing app with almost zero knowledge you can select the image which is been taken from your photo and add tune the image to look beautiful. One of the best option available in this Air brush app is fine tuning the picture by smoothening the face and removing the spots on face which really takes a long time to edit in Photoshop or light rooms, in this you can just do it by rubbing on the face/object in the photo you want to fine tune.

It detects the teeth automatically if you have a smile on your face and you can add shining to them by selecting its filter. Few more options such as red-eye detection, skin tone, adding blur to the image are quite simple in this app.

Perfect365 One Tap Makeover :

Perfect 365 is the most popular app in play store having more than 10 Million downloads. This app is well known as the best makeover for the selfie lovers as you can tune the eye Brow’s to match your mood and is being used by the most of the celebrities to tune their images before pushing them to Instagram, twitter and Facebook accounts.

Perfect 365 have a one more wonderful feature is you can even take a selfie with prefixed makeover style it detects the face dimensions and based on the lighting which is available at your background it automatically tunes the image while capturing.

Aviary Android Photo Editor :

If you are good at experimenting ideas in editing the images this is one of the best android photo editor for you as you can apply many types of layers and frames a tap to make the image look more beautiful. You can even share your work with the others Aviary community people to review them and at the same time you can review others too.

Filter effects in this are smoother and gives very fine effect to the images. One can increase the image editing creativity by streaming the

Photo Editor Pro Photo Editor :

This is one of the finest apps available in play store which doesn’t require more knowledge to edit the pictures, there are a lot of filters available by default that can be applied directly to the image which you wish to edit once you try different styles or layers you can directly push them to your social profiles.

Cymera Selfie & Photo Editor :

Cymera is a one of the easy image editing app for android users to quick edit the images which are taken with your primary camera or secondary camera. The app is pre-loaded with a lot of filters and styles which you can add to your image at a tap.

Cymera app also can be used as default camera to shoot photos with predefines filters based on your location and lighting background.

These are the few best photo editing apps for android mobiles for a common user without wasting much time in editing the photos. And there are few more image editing apps by Google, Adobe, and Autodesk which I will discuss them in another article as I prefer these apps are quick and easy to edit pictures without spending much time.

If you know any more apps that are more effective than these do let me know in the comment section bellow Cheers.


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