Here is a one more wonderful accessory that one should have for their iPhone/iPad. If you are the one who loves to take pictures using your iPhone/iPad and share with your friends then you should order this new HiLO Lens. This lens will helps you to take the photos in right angle, all you need is to just stick this lens when ever required and place your iPhone on a horizontal surface.

Hilo Lens

Principle of this HiLo Lens is same as the periscope which is used in submarines to locate the objects in the top surface. It has quality lens and a prism which will help to take the photography by just placing it on a horizontal surface. This HiLo lens is presently available in kickstarter as it needs to be funded to come into daily use. I think this is a really use full accessory for those who holds iPhone to take photographs. By using this lens you can also be in the group where you are supposed to take the picture. This HiLo lens have its own app which is for free. By using this app you can take the snap of the object in right angle direction. Image quality of the image is pretty good as the team took utmost care in choosing the lens and prism.

Instead of bending your back to take a picture at top you can just keep your phone vertical and have a click on the object if you use this lens. Hope it will become the most used/wanted accessory if it comes into market so I recommend you to make an order in advance and support he team to make their dream true. You can place the order from kickstarter.

Source: kickstarter


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