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Post on Your Google+ Stream via SMS

Google+, has become a rapidly growing social networking site launched by search giant Google. Now its not publicly available but people are getting in by invitations. Although the features resemble Facebook, but Google Team says that there’s much more to come and this is just the beginning. You can post on your Google+ Stream using […]

How to submit website to google webmaster tools

Submitting web site to the webmaster tools is one of the major task to get indexed by the search engines for ranking your web site in the top results. In our previous articles we discussed how to submit your web site to the Bing webmaster tools and Yahoo webmaster tools if u miss to submit in these […]

How to submit website to yahoo webmaster tools

In On Page Optimization submitting the web site to the search engines is major key role, by submitting our website to various search engines indicates that we are calling the search engines to crawl our web site and list out our pages to their servers. In order to call those search engines we need to […]

How to submit website to bing webmaster tools

Driving organic traffic towards the web site is most crucial part in Search Engine Optimization as the traffic generated is free and quality. In order to make your web site indexed in all the major search engines we need to follow some rules of the web masters to crawl your web site/blog faster in our […]

How to Add Author Avatar to

Few days back I have started wordpress blogging, I came to know about the Thesis theme as it is one of most SEO friendly wordpress theme, easy to customize the view of the site by making a little bit of changes in its Custom files. While customizing thesis theme I came across many features and […]

what is the best blogging platform

Have you made a decision to start a professional blog..? Then you need to decide what is the best blogging platform. There are lot of blogging platform available to help you to become a success full blogger but among those all those you need to choose a right path that helps you to reach your goal. […]

Why link building is most important to optimize your site

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the popular word which is heard in mouths of every online business person. As SEO is the best tool to find the people who are searching for the product which is being offered by them. This helps in enabling the website in the top search engines like Google, yahoo , Bing. […]