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Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage

How to Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage

Google Chrome uses a multi-process architecture which means all running applications in Chrome are isolated from each other. Due to this, we have better control over tabs, plug-ins, and extensions which imply, when a plug-in or a tab crashes, we have our other tabs and processes undisturbed.Google Chrome sometimes takes a significant chunk of CPU […]

Interview with Pintrest team member Yashh

Today , I am very excited to post an interview session with one of the team members of  the upcoming social network Pintrest, Mr Yashwanth. Here are some few questions we quoted and the pleasant answers from him. Can you please give a small introduction about yourself to our readers ? Hi I am Yashh […]


Minus Lets You Share and Store Huge Files.

This isn’t a general blog post explaining about some regular file sharing site. But I am very impressed with the way the file sharing site kept my sleeping hours away for writing a post at this night. Undoubtedly minus (which now I am talking about) is a revolution in file sharing. It has jumped out with […]

Google Plus Rolls Out Ignore Option.

When you don’t want a user’s stream or any interaction we used Block option to do that. Now Google Plus added “ignore” option with which you won’t see their posts in the incoming stream, won’t get informed about their activity and won’t be in your circles. At the core the Ignore option just hides the […]

Extensions that rock your Google+

Google+, the new and fresh social network from Google is not yet widely available to the public but the users who are ‘in’ have already been in circling around the features and some fans of Google+ even posted images making fun of Facebook. Previously I have mentioned how to post via SMS and two sites that […]