Finally Google Drive has arrived as the new replacement of the Google Docs. As discussed earlier once the Google Drive is activated, you will find some changes in the free storage space and also change in your  Google Docs interface.The documents which you see in the Google Docs are now a part of Google Drive. Just like before, you can upload, edit, share and create files online. Additionally with Google Drive, you can access and share your files wherever you are, from any device.

Creating the Google docs by clicking the red button and sharing the document or the file you uploaded to Google Drive is same as before. Search or sort your list of files, folders, as you used to do in Google Docs.

Once you add a folder or a file into the Google Drive folder, the file can be accessed at all the places where Google Drive application is installed such as another computer, tablet or a mobile device. You can download android app for Google drive here from Google Play.

Collections in Google docs are now called folders. The Home view is gone. Instead, use My Drive to organize all files in Google Drive.  My Drive section in Google Drive on the web automatically syncs files, folders, and Google Docs directly to your Google Drive folder.

Activity and shared with me are the new elements for the left navigation menu. Activity shows the files with recent activity and the modified time.

Grid view in Google Drive on the web shows thumbnail previews of your files, folders and Google Docs.


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