AAGoogle Chrome browser is one the widely used web browser worldwide. The main reason behind the success of the Chrome browser is its usability and useful extensions thanks to open source community.

Even though Chrome is being used by many people around the world most of the people have a major issue in chrome high CPU usage though Chrome has released many updated to minimize its CPU usage it hasn’t give any significant chance in browser CPU usage.

If you are the one who is hunting for the best google chrome alternative, then we have listed down the best chrome alternatives available in the market. Let’s jump into them


1. Mozilla Firefox

chrome alternative - firefox

Mozilla is one the popular browser and the oldest browser, it has a great community of people who develop latest extensions for better usability. However, after the launch of Chrome browser by Google the craze of Mozilla Firefox has come down.

But people always use Firefox as their alternative browser as it is very user-friendly and we can find all most every extension that is available in chrome.

One of the key features in Mozilla Firefox is it has an ability to use macros which help to automate most of the tasks which performed multiple times.

If you are planning to have an alternative to chrome browser, then this is this the one that is the first browser which is recommended by anyone.

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Download FireFox

2. Opera

chrome alternative opera browser

Opera is a Chromium based web browser which is similar to Google Chrome. It also can be considered as a Google Chrome alternative as it also has minimal UI which gives better user experience while surfing the web.

It uses less CPU compared to chrome, whereas one cannot find the as much as extensions as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. One key feature we can say is it has a smooth navigation fell while switching between different tabs.

Opera has a Turbo Mode which helps to compress all the data on the websites and contribute to load site faster; this is a unique feature that is available in it as other browsers don’t support or have this type of functionality.

It is a perfect browser to the one who has the low internet connection and data usage restrictions.

Download Opera

3. Safari

chrome alternative - safari browser

If you are a Mac user then you Safari is your default browser which comes along with the operating system. As Apple has many security restrictions, Safari is one the safest browser to use.

We cannot find many extensions for Safari as it is not open source hence we don’t find many useful extensions or developers for Safari browser. So we cannot customize Safari browser as per our requirement and usability.

If you use Mac OS as then, you should opt for safari as it works fast in its home operating system compared to Windows as it is well optimized for its Mac users, so browsing in Safari with Mac OS has a blazing fast speed.

Download Safari

4. Microsoft Edge

chrome alternative - edge browser

Edge is going to be the default browser every Windows 10 users as Microsoft has upgraded its old browser internet explorer to Microsoft Edge. In fact, Microsoft shows how bad Chrome browser is for laptops and climes Edge is the fasters and powerful web browser compared to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera and enhances the battery life of the browser.

Even though Microsoft climes Edge is the best web browser available on the internet we can say it cannot replace other browsers as people love to use extensions a lot to make their life easy. Edge does not have as many extensions as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox have,

If you are the one how don’t use more extensions, then this is going to be the best option for Google Chrome alternative as it runs smooth on its home OS (Windows 10)

Edge has built in Microsoft Assistant which helps to assist you in the search results which includes answering your search queries. And you will have a better and new user experience while using it.

Download Microsoft Edge

5. Vivaldi

chrome alternative - Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a new browser in the market, the reason why it suggested as best chrome alternative is it claims it is a browser which created for the power users.

Vivaldi browser can be customized based on interestest, one can completely change the browser layout including tabs location, color and much more.

Vivaldi runs on Chromium, so you have the feasibility to use all the chrome extensions that are available in the Chrome web store. It is one of the key features which made to add this browser as the best alternative to chrome browser.

You can try any of these browsers by importing your old bookmarks from Chrome and here is the step by step tutorial say’s “How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks and Passwords” once backup of bookmarks completed you can directly import to any of these browsers at a click from the setting tabs on the particular browsers.

Download Vivaldi

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Even though there are plenty of other web browsers are available on the internet, we have shortlisted only Top 5 Best Chrome alternatives because we don’t want you to fall into the wrong hands, so making your privacy and security into consideration we have listed down the browsers that can be chosen as a Google Chrome alternative.


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