Search using your smartphone camera

Well, we already know google voice search (google now / google search assistant) and apple voice search siri. However, there is a Visual Search Browser that searches about things without even saying or imputing a single word into the search bar.

As we all know the popular Quote

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”
-Bill Gates

Here is a company come across a wonderful app that helps to searches about any products and its history by just focusing our camera on it. It sounds cool right 😉 ,  yes by using this app we can find the history of any product in a fraction of seconds.

Blippar App Review

Blippar is a mobile app that helps to find the history of any product through its smartphone-based visual search.  This is available for both the iOS  and android in respective play stores, this helps to discover the millions of different products and their history. Results are quick and you definitely love to use it as it allows users to just focus their mobile phone camera and one can find the word cloud from camera screen itself.

Once the Blippar’s app confirms it found the right product it  blips a bubble and by tapping on it can find the history of the product as it sync to the open database of Wikipedia.

By this new innovation, we can say that more searches are going to be done without any text (keyword). And in code conference, it is confirmed that half of the searches are going to be done either by images or voice.

We know that already major search engines like Google and Bing are working on this for searching things using images. Google already implemented this in its image search as you can find the similar images of the picture by just dragging the selected image into its image search page. Which helps to find the exact location and nearby things easily without any deep research.

Blippar a team of 320 employs is working on the image recognization technology by implementing new algorithms developed by leading search engines like Google , Microsoft, and Facebook to make this app reach to more people. The Bblippar app also recognizes bar codes and the QR codes.

Here is the quick video which demonstrates how the Blipper app helps to search the objects.

Download the App from Google Play and Apple Store

I love this app for searching new history of the object and it is really helpful in knowing the new names of them and its origin I truly recommend this app to everyone who want to know about the details of any product before having it. What is your opinion on this smart Visual Search Browser do you like to use this ? Share your experience if you are already a user of this application cheers.


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