In F8 conference Facebook has releases new interface for profile it is know as “ Time line “ where you can share all you stories time to time. It is a good album for your future. You can share with for friends and can have a awesome hang out on this Time line.

Time line is the best platform to share your experiences with the people around this world and make your selves more social. You can create reports of your monthly and yearly tasks that you have performed in each and every day time to time.

This is how your time line looks like and you can change your cover image when ever you want just same as changing the profile pix of your Facebook account this Time line is really awesome app that make life more social and I think there is no need navigate to any other site because now you can integrate most all of your favorite sites by just using the their apps.

Here is the quick preview of Facebook Time line

Facebook Time line

To get this new Facebook Time line for your profile you need to make a new sign up with your Facebook account and the link goes here

So what do you feel about this new Facebook Time line will this dominate all other social networking sites and image sharing site ? I think this is going to make a new revolution in the people who wants to make their life’s more social and get in tough with every one in this world.

Get your Facebook Time line Profile Now



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