Are you a person like me who frequently forget where you left your things ? Then here is an awesome gadget/must have gadget for people like us. While surfing on Facebook I found this product on one of my friends wall and felt this is going to be one of the best gadget for every one who usually forget the important thing here and there.


The gadget Tile helps to find the lost things easy. Now no need to bother/please near ones to help you in locating  your things. Tile is a small ans sleek gadget which can be fixed to laptop, ipads, important gadgets, handbags, Keys just sticking or pining to them. You need to activate your tile with a mobile app in order to locate where the item left. This Tile buzzes with sound to identify the location where it is. One the awesome thing is you can find the geo location if you left the item or some one has stolen it. Tracking of the item will become easy with out any ones help. You can inform your friends about lost of your item by passing a message through tile app which helps them to track it the item if it is available around them.

Key Features of Tile:

1. Easy to track where item is located.

2. Up to 10 Tiles can be controlled using single app

3. Reporting/ Making a note to your friends saying lost of your item which helps to track from their devices if it is near by them.

4. Buzzing up with sound to identify where the item is located.

5. Finding out the last place the item is left (which makes easy to recall memories where it was left)

6. No battery required.

As of now this Tile is open for Apple iOS users to install the app on their iOS devices to track the status of their items. Hope it will be made for Android and Blackberry Users soon. If you wan this Tile you need to preorder this as it is in the developing stage and will be available for every one bu end of 2013 or Mid winter of 2014. As of now this gadget is available only for US and Canada users. I strongly recommend this app for people like me who usually forget things keeping somewhere and shouting on others to find the item where it is.

I feel Tile team has to made this available for other mobile operating users to make more sales and make it open to most of the countries to build a good market for the product.

To make a preorder of this wonderful gadget go here.



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