One of the most awaiting product of google is now available in market. Google Chrome book is now available to for just $199. Google planed to launch its chrome book in collaboration with Samsung, this device lowered price is of $249. Continuing that partnership google launched chrome book with Acer C7 chromebook, this of just $199. This looks similar to the proposed model of Samsung. Along with this Acer C7 chromebook google is offering lots of goodies which worth more than the price of this new chromebook.

acer C7 chromebook

If you are the one who loves to use the google products in daily life then this is especially for them, you can save all your data in cloud and can access them from any where with internet connection. The data is more secure and there is very less chances to loose it as every thing is saved in cloud and less chances of crashing your PC and data in it. It is easy to switch between the users and each and every one have their own storage and applications.

With this new Acer C7 chromebook google is offering 100GB of free space for 2years along with 12free Gogo internet passes. These two offers are more than the price of the Acer C7 chromebook and it is true that google is paying you to by a product.

This Acer C7 is available in the Google Play Store and Best Buy in US. In UK it is available in Google Play store, PC World, amazon.

Acer C7 configuration :

  • Size : 11.6”(inch) capable of HD videos
  • Weight : 350 Pounds
  • Processor : Intel Celeron
  • Ram : 2GB
  • Hard Drive : 320GB
  • Battery Life : 3.5 Hrs


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