Google Drive the latest element making rounds over the internet seemed to be bitter news for a strand of people: the Linux guys since there is no support for Google Drive for Linux. With the lack of support for “penguins” caused a bit of an uproar on Google+, where #driveforlinux has been the trending all the day.

Google Docs and Drive Manager Teresa Wu, in a discussion with the Google+ users said “we’re working on Linux support – hang tight!” which makes an unofficial news for the Google drive for Linux

Ubuntu One had been already into the service by providing 5GB cloud storage space for its users to store, sync and share the files. With more than one million users Ubuntu One stands as another firm reason for Google to speed up their client for Linux.

Even though Linux users can use the web version of Google Drive for uploading and sharing their files but the complete syncing with various devices can only be done with the Drive client for Linux.


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