Wondering where to find the best tutor online to learn something which is valuable? Now, no need to search for the best tutor in a mess. Google launched one of its awesome portal for all the learners out there and named it as “Google Helpouts”. We usually search everything in Google either for entertainment or to learn something new. Now it’s time to have a face to face discussion about the topic with the experts in the industry for whom you are looking for.

Google Helpouts is a place where experts are available to train you on your needs. All you need is to select the right person and pay him to train you. Unlike the other sites Google gives 100% money back guarantee on the course / tutor whom you select if you are not satisfied with the session

Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts serve as a Google vetted marketplace where you will find the approved experts, companies to train you. So no need to think any more while deciding the tutor. You can get all the details of the tutor from his history and user feedback. So far Google has invited 1,000 companies to participate and become a member in their marketplace. If you want to become a tutor you need to wait for couple more days as invitations are not available for everyone.

Vendors / Tutors can set their price based on the sections, minutes. There is a free section available for free too. Google charges 20% from vendor/tutor for each section on this Helpout, I don’t think this is a huge amount as we get the experts in few clicks.

This Google Helpout is similar to the hangout but there are few more features added in this which we are going to discuss below.

Starting With Google Helpout.

In this section I would like to share you how the Google Helpout works and various options involved in this for a better productivity section.

1. Selecting a trainer:

I have a problem to be fixed on my device, so I selected one expert from Google Helpout in Computers and Electronics section.

computer expert google helpout

Once you select the tutor then you need to schedule him based on his availability. If trainers accepts your request then you will move to a new window on your browser which is going to look like this

helpout interface

This is the layout which is having a lot of communicative options to have a productive online training section. There are options like Chat, Capture, Google Drives, Remote Desktop, Scoot & Doodle, More apps. Apart of these there are few more options at the top right hand side to like volume, Video camera, Bandwidth allocation, Settings, End the session.

A Brief intro about the options available on the window:

Chat:  This enables a discussion column at the right side of the page to have a conversation with the tutor, if you have a voice and video section this is the right place to share the link for reference.

Capture: With this option you can capture the snap shot on the page. And add the images for reference.

Google Drives: You can access your Google Dives directly from this so that you can open any of the document or spread sheet and store the information.

Remote Desktop: This is more help full if you are doing trouble shooting of  a PC, helping in fixing bugs in coding. This will helps your tutor to control your desktop remotely instead of using any other third part desktop sharing software.

View More Apps : In this you can add some third party apps like Soundation Studio, Remote Desktop, Stick notes etc.,.

google helpout layout copy


Settings Option:  In this you can configure your Audio, Video, and bandwidth settings default for other sessions.

google helpout settings window

Once you configure your settings you can save them and make them as default.

At the completing of the session it popups a window asking for the feedback of the tutor which helps others to know the efficiency of the tutor who reached particular modules.

Google helpout secesion end

In this article We discussed about how to have an online class using the desktop and this is similar for both the tablets and mobiles.

In my point this is really very good service by Google which helps everyone to get trained by the experts in the industry. You can download this app from Google Play store to your Android operating devices (Mobiles, Tablets). An iOS version is yet to be released in Apple store which is going to be expected in couple of weeks.



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