Google Plus the fastest growing social network work site which is launched by Google on June 2011. In just two weeks of duration it reached millions of users and it is one of the top social networking site now. People need Google Plus invitation to access it till yesterday, now Google made it available to every one who is having Google account.


There are plenty of controversies and roomers spread that Google has copied the features of the Facebook and Twitter but now most of its features are being copied by other sites and Google Plus is giving a good competition to other social network sites. We had discussed many issues and the uses of the Google Plus if you miss those have a look on them now

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After two months of its release now Google made it public to every one of its users if you haven’t tried Google Plus yet its time to hang out with your friends there and I am sure you say goodbye to Orkut because Google Plus rocks when compared to Orkut.

As of now your Google Profile will be your Google Plus URL i.e your Google profile will automatically redirects to your Google Plus Profile. This is the right place for personal branding. In coming few months Google is going to launch business pages which helps to make a brand page on Google similar to Facebook fan page.


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