At I/O 2016 Sundar Pichai says checkmate to Facebook and Amazon by reveals few amazing innovations by google which are going to be launched in coming summer. This year Google I/O gave immense pleasure to all Android maniacs by announcing latest Apps and the gadgets.

Google Says Checkmate to Facebook and Amazon

Allo The New Text Messaging  App:

Google made its first step into the text messaging app called Allo a mobile app what is going to be more awesome than the existing SMS apps (Whatsapp and Hike Messenger) . Users have to register into this app with their mobile number and can text with your friends who are using it. As this is an app by google it never makes simple things like others. It predicts what is going to be your reply to the message from your friend and gives you suggestion to make a quick reply to them. One more cool thing about this  app is it predict the emotions in the image and gives you the suggestions.

If your group is making a plan to have a hangout you can add even google into your chart and it helps you to find the nearest restaurants and the foods , you can book the seats right away from the chat itself.

Apart of this same as like google now you can get the suggestions by just by sending an SMS right away from the application. This feature was available in past by sending an msg to a defined number by google.

Coming to the interface of the app it looks pretty good with new smiles and emotional effects you can shout loud or silent by just dragging the send button up and down to express your feeling.  Allo app is going to change the existing SMS app’s era along with the facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

You can even have a private chat between friends through its incognizant window which does not store any of your data.  


Duo a video calling app:

Google created a dedicated app for video calling without any distraction. Unlike the facebook video calling , skype, IMO this app is pretty interesting as it works in low bandwidth with an awesome start. You can see the mood of the person who is calling you before you pick the call which is really interesting innovation. As we usually get distracted with the messages and the notifications in other video calling apps but DUO is a dedicated app for video calling which makes the discussion un-interruptive.


Google Home a gadget that makes your home smarter:

This is a smart gadget that which turns your normal room into a smart room, it acts as a virtual assistance to you and your family members to recognise their needs and helping them out. To say frankly this is going to be a killer of Amazon Echo. If you are planning to have Amazon Echo I would recommend you to wait till this get released into the market. Google Home sync with the calendars of the people in your home and monitor them accordingly as on needed. You can schedule your tasks and the appointments by just speaking to it. And everyone loves this gadget as it is is going to replace your personal assistant. And people like me who are lazy will really love this product as a bot monitors your activities and reminds what to do next 😉

The launch of this product is going to take one year and google opens this to developers to make it more awesome by their suggestions and implementations in this device. You can have a quick review in the below video what does this gadget really do.


Google Daydream a VR Platform:

Hope you are aware of google cardboard which really made a revolution in the virtual world.  Since from the release of Virtual reality there are many inventions are taking place to make it more effective and reliability. The company like Samsung, Lenovo, and even Facebook are working on the VR devices to make the lives smarter. By having the VR box you can step into the virtual world and experience its feeling.

Google Daydream is a project where things are going to be more optimal in all the applications and is going to be more compatible with most of the smartphones which are available on the marker. Google has partnered up with many leading gaming companies and journals to create the most effective environment to the VR users. And this is an open source to all the developers who want to work on VR. Google unveils a controller to monitor the VR app selections and a tool that helps to be a part of the virtual world.

Just have a brief intro of this gadget in the below video.


I hope above mentioned their innovations are going to make big revolutions in the coming days. What is your opinion on the theses messaging apps and calling apps do they really replace the WhatsApp and facebook messengers ? 

Do share your views in the comment section below.



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