Google rolled out with new user interface once again. Couple of weeks back few blogs tweeted google is going to update its navigation bar and  logo and finally google made the changes to every one now.

new google home page

Unlike Yahoo which completely changes it logo Google just made slight changes in its logo, previously in logo letters were embossing where as now it is plain and sticky. New logo look cool and gave a fresh feel to its home page.

This is how old logo looks like:


New Google Logo:
Old horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page got replace with grid view which is available in between google plus profile link and notifications. After removing the navigation bar on the top google home page is looking clean and clear.

Old Navigation Bar:

google horizontal toolbar

New Navigation bar in grid View:

google tool bar in grid view

These are the visual changes and the biggest change in this new update in the whole navigation bar at the top become a icon the google services are visible only once we clicked on it. Google has been testing this new interface since February and after all the analysis it made available to every one. These interface shows how importance google is giving to mobile searches i.e, it don’t want to make different look for its mobile users and desktop users.

What is your view on this new interface share your opinion on this new design changes with us via comment section below.


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