GoPro Alternatives

If you want to capture memories for your action events, then action cameras are the most preferred gadgets that everyone loves. “GoPro camera” this is the first name that strikes in mind if you think about action camera.

However, there are many GoPro alternatives available in the market in the face which perform well in many other segments compared to GoPro.

Best GoPro Alternatives available in the market.

Sony FDR-x3000 

gopro alternative

Sony is well known for its cameras, and its sensors used in all most every high-end smartphone.

Sony FDR-x3000 is the world first action camera that comes with optical image stabilization while recording 4K video. It also supports 3 times digital zoom while recording videos.

The image quality of the pictures or video taken in Sony FDR-x3000 is high compared to GoPro Hero 5. It’s built in mic has a capacity of noise reduction which helps to reduce the impact of wind while shooting videos.

You can view and monitor the video with the help of its mobile application which is available for both Apple and Android users.  You can control all camera setting including shooting settings, start/stop of recording, power on/off via this app.

Came has auto focusing capacity in underwater and it works perfectly till 60m under the water. It has 3X Zoom5 which helps to capture ultra-wide angle pictures.

You can shoot 4K video at 30FPS, 1080p video at 120FPS, 720p video at 240FPS using Sony FDR-x3000.

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Garmin Virb Ultra 30

go pro alternatives-Garmin-Virb-Ultra-30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 has a similar look like GoPro 5, and it has almost all the features which are available in GoPro except water resistant. If you want to use this under water, you can have a separate mount case which is available in its accessories section.

It has voice recognition technology which helps to start/stop video recording and capturing photos using voice commands. 1.75-inch LED color screen display at the back contributes to control setting of the camera, and the touch sensitivity is quick and accurate.

It has 3-axis image stabilization helps to capture smooth and steady video. It also has GPS built in sensor which helps to identify travel speed, temperature, distance from the ground, heart rate sensor and much more.

It records 4K video at 30FPS, 1080p video at 120FPS and 720p video at 240FPS.

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Olympus Tough TG-Tracker

go pro alternative-olympus

Olympus has more excellent design compared to other action cameras which are available in the market. It looks like a gun when mounted in on its tripod and has an easy access to hold while shooting for a long time.

Image stabilization is impressive compared to GoPro while capturing 4K video which is not possible even in GoPro 5.

It supports to record 4K video at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS, 720p at 240FPS.

Some of the key features of this camera are you can capture video or photos at 240 degrees extreme angle with its F2.0.

It has a foldable LCD screen which helps to monitor video while recording, its flash light above the lens contributes to capturing the videos in dark light. It is a water proof action camera which helps to shoot video under water up to 30m depth.

Transferring of files from can be done using WiFi or Bluetooth.

With these impressive featured Olympus, Tough TG-Tracker can opt for the best GoPro alternative.

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Yi 4K

go pro alternative-Yi4k

Yi 4K is a simple design action camera which is affordable and the best alternative of GoPro. It has similar features which are available in GoPro 5.

It has an LCD screen on the back is quite impressive, quick and smooth to access setting in the camera. It has capability of shooting 4K video at 30FPS, 1080p at 120FPS, 720p video at 240FPS.

Noise cancellation of the videos and battery life of Yi 4K better compared to GoPro 5. It almost gives a 30min excess of battery backup compared to GoPro Hero 5.

Even though it is not water resistant, you can use it under the water with its casing accessories.

Files can be transferred through WiFi on the go without removing memory stick.

Over all, if you are planning to have action camera under budget then this is highly recommended and the best GoPro alternative which is available on the market at an affordable price.

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Tomtom Bandit 4K Action Camera


Tomtom Bandit has an innovative design compared to other action cameras and easy to use. It is easy to mount if you are planning for an adventurous journey.

Its mobile app helps to monitor all the settings and the video capturing angles. Transferring files for this device is easy all you need to press a small button on its back which helps to remove the storing and battery unit and connect it to the USB port on your laptop so transfer all the files.

It has a built in motion sensor which helps to capture excellent videos without any disturbances or blurs. Sensors help to monitor the Speed, Gravity, heart rate, altitude and Geo tagging.

The 4k video which is captured in this not up to the mark compared to GoPro this is the only drawback in this camera, and if you are not interested in capturing 4K video, this is one of the best GoPro alternatives as it has high durability compared to other action cameras.

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Hope you come to a conclusion about that the best to choose as the alternative of GoPro. If you are the one who is planning to enter into an action camera, it is highly recommended to use Yi 4K as it is affordable and has excellent features and it is a good alternative of GoPro.


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