Gmail was one of the most used mailing client by most of the people around the world because of its easy to use interface and various options which helps to handle the information easy. Recently Gmail team introduced one more awesome option to all Gmail users who access from your mobile devices. now you can log into multiple accounts at a time and manage your mails easy. This is option is available to all the desktop users from a long time.

How to sign into another account on your Mobile device ?

To log into other account of your Gmail click on the Menu option on your mobile Gmail panel you will gind the following screen and just click on theĀ  option sign into another account and enter your credentials of another mail which you want to access on your mobile device.

loginto multiple accounts on mobile device


You can switch into either of the two accounts at any time you want to check your mail.

One more option in this was you can make a special signature saying that you have sent the message from mobile device so it will help others to know that you are on mobile devices and it make time to respond to their mails. And you can add auto reply message same as desktop application saying that you are on mobile and will contact or leave reply soon.

make a unique signature on your mobile

You can bookmark individual account so that you can easily log into what ever the account you want to access.


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