How to rotate video ?

If you are the one who covers you happenings  on your mobile devices or handy cam’s  ? In some cases you may take the videos in different angles, when you dump those videos on your desktop or laptop you may find those videos are not viewed properly in some players like VLC and KMplayers you have the option to rotate the video but when you want to make it into DVD you need to rotate the original video in order to view properly.

Here is a software that help you to rotate your video horizontal/Vertical. Video rotator is a free software that helps to rotate the video in both horizontal and Vertical direction and this software has feature to convert your video in to any of these formats MP4/FLV/MPG/MOV/AVI. All you need is to add the video and select the the desired format and direction. You can convert the video in batch mode also so you can add all your videos and select the format you require and leave it for few minutes it makes your videos get ready to burn to your DVD/CD.

How to rotate video into Horizontal/Vertical ?

1. Run Video rotator

2. Clicking the “add a file” button to your videos / You can drag and drop the videos directly.

3. Select the option to which thew video has to rotate from the drop down menu.

4. Click on the rotate video now to rotate your video.

Download the video rotator here.

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