Gmail is one of the leading email service provider who has more than 425 Million users. Gmail is the fastest and reliable webmail service in this world, but it still limits the data attachment of 25MB for every single email. People used to send the large files by uploading them in few file sharing/cloud networks like drop box, Mediafire etc.,. and share the download link with the recipients. With introduction of Google drive services now you can send the file up to 10GB for free which is not possible in most of the file sharing sites. You can send the files with out opening the Google drives in another tab/window. Just follow the below steps to send the files up to 10GB for free using your Gmail account.

Step#1: Open your Gmail account using your account credentials, hit the COMPOSE button on top left hand side. You will find an option “Try out the new compose experience” Just click on it and switch to new compose.

send large files using gmail

Step#2: A new box opens on your right hand side of Gmail account where you can compose your mail. After adding the recipients email, subject and email information at the bottom of the box you will find button to send, just beside role over mouse on the “+ icon” you will find more options, click on the third icon (Gogole drives logo).

gmail send option with expand menu

Step#3: Now a pop up flashes on your Gmail asking to drag the files into your drive as shown in the screen below, you can drag files up to 10GB to attach into the mail. Lastly click on the upload button to get your files uploaded in Google drives.


Step#4: Once the upload process get completed your files which are attached will appears in link to the Google drives. Now click on the send button to send the files to recipients.


  1. FTP is another alternative. But for those who find it difficult to setup and dont want to deal with the complexities, there is another solution called Binfer. In my experience Binfer It is easiest and safest way to send large files. Cheers.


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