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Reliance  Jio phone booking is going to be open from 24th August  2017 in both offline and Online mode and in this article I will guide you step by step booking process of Jio 1500 phone booking.

Reliance Jio 1500 phone is going to be free for everyone with a refund of initial deposit Rs.1500/- after 3 months of usage says its managing director Mr. Mukesh Ambani in the 40th Reliance Annual General Meeting.

Jio Phone is going to be game changes in the Indian telecom industry as we all know that Jio offers unlimited calling and certain daily high-speed data. Jio team climes that it is going to ship 5million units every week once it starts its product delivery.

Let’s jump into the features and booking of this phone both online and offline.

Jio 1500 Phone Specifications and Features:

The aim of this phone is to increase the usability of technology by a common man making this into consideration this phone is going to have essential features with 4G technology enabled in it.

Core specifications, it has a 2.4-inch screen, 4GB memory and 512MB of RAM management and a keypad having a feature to dial a number or search a query using voice which can consider as is a prominent feature in this price segment.

The phone can control via voice commands in 24 Indian languages; this feature helps every common man to know access the internet and gain knowledge.

Along with the phone, the user has to recharge with a monthly plan of Rs.150/- to get an unlimited call and unlimited data usage.

How to order Jio 4G phone?

Well pre-booking of this phone is going to be available from 24th August 2017 from its official Jio Website and here are the steps involved how to place a pre-order for JioPhone

Follow the steps to make pre-order the Jio 4G phone

  1. Visit Jio official web site
  2. Select the option to keep me posted or follow this link
  3. Jio 4G phone is going to available in two variants Individual and Business
  4. Select an Individual option and fill out the form with your Name, Email, Phone number, and Pincode.
  5. Click on the submit button
  6. Now you will get the confirmation message saying “Thank you for registering”
  7. That’s it you are done
  8. You can order Jio by your Installing My Jio App on your smart phone.

How to Order Jio Phone offline?

  1. Go to your nearest Jio store
  2. Ask for the Jio Phone registration form
  3. Fill the form and submit to retailer
  4. That’s it wait till the launch to get your device.

When will you get JioPhone?

Jio phone is going to be available in trial version or beta version from 15th August 2017 to test the mobile in various segments and Pre-booking opening from 24th August 2017. All the orders will start shipping from 1st week of September.

As Jio climes it is going to ship at least 5 Million units per week on first come first serve basis.

Once your pre-registration is done, you can order the device by paying online at Jio website or using My Jio App.

Reliance says Jio mobiles initially will be imported from China and later phones will be manufactured in India.

Do you think Jio 1500 4G phone is going to become a game changer in the telecom industry?


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