Chrome drains laptop battery

If you are a regular user for chrome you may observe that chrome consumes a lot of CPU usage along with memory in our previously article we have discussed How to reduce Google chrome CPU Usage and now Microsoft conducted a test that says how bad chrome is for your laptop battery. Being as a core user of chrome browser it is a bit difficult for me to intake this new results shown by Microsoft.

Though Google promised that they will improve the battery life with chrome usage with a release of the stable version it didn’t reach the expectations except fixing few bugs. Since few months Microsoft is working on their Edge browser and trying really heard to make it successful by increasing its usage globally.

Microsoft has conducted two tests in their lab to measure the power consumption of by the browser and it finalized that Chrome in the 1st place followed by opera and Mozilla Firefox. There are two types of tests conducted by Microsoft one is opening few popular sites in and streaming them to find the browsing behavior. And second is streaming the HD videos and how long it withstands. In this test, chrome withstands for just 4Hrs and 19 Min while streaming the videos and Microsoft Edge for 7Hrs and 22Min. Coming to Opera it holds up to 6Hrs 18Min and Mozilla Firefox with 5Hrs and 19Min.

Microsoft Confirms that Chrome, Opera and Firefox consume a lot of battery while streaming to videos, scrolling articles and opening multiple sites in different new tabs. Microsoft says that its own browser Edge and Firefox are the best browsers for their Laptops which are being used with Windows 10 operating system.

chrome cpu usage vs edge

With this test, we can say that Microsoft wants to convert most of the users towards its browser Edge. Compared to Chrome and Firefox Microsoft Edge is a lack of extensions though it is giving the best user experience with its interface.
Microsoft says that it is going to make Edge more stable by the latest enhancement in its coming update which is expected to announce in the windows 10 annual update in this summer. Microsoft Edge monitors the CPU cycles, less background activity with the minimal running off flash ads.

Finally, as a chrome browser lover, I would anticipate that Google will fix this CPU usage by chrome and make it more stable. What is your opening will you really migrate to Microsoft Edge after seeing these tests and statistics?


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