The death rate of selfie freaks increasing every single day. We know women are the addicted in taking selfies more rather than men but stats says 73% of selfie deaths are men who try to take selfies from heights, attempting risky shots.

Since 2014 around 49 people were died taking a selfie and unfortunately the average age of the victims is under 21 years. This death rate is relatively high compared to the death caused by shark attacks, this is the reason most of the countries started selfie caution boards near all tourist spots.

It is unknown fact that India is leading in the 1st place of  selfie deaths compared to rest of the world according to priceonomics. Most of the teenagers in are trying recreational selfies to gather a lot of social media share to their pictures.

Russian government takes initiative and released a public safe guide for safe selfie practice

selfie caution signs

Selfie deaths are in the 4th position compared to all other accidental deaths which sound quite embarrassing. All these deaths occur because of the losing the balance while attempting to take a selfie by managing to cover a lot of background area.

These selfie deaths went viral and an organisation is established to take a pledge from all the selfie lovers asking not attempt any risk while capturing a selfie. I would like to suggest you to have a pledge if you feel it is not worth of taking a selfie by doing risk. You can upload your safe selfie and contribute support this organisation by controlling selfie death, take a pledge now at selfietodiefor

Here are few unnatural deaths of teens who lost their life after attempting risk to capture selfie it is sad that none of them know how many like and shares they received for doing this.

Всем ку, могла быть моей последней фоткой😊жаль что смазалась😢

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This guy (Andrey) was famous for in Instagram for taking selfies at heights and he was succeeded in most of his attempts, he planned to take a selfie with the help of rope he lost the balance and fall from the high.

Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.

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One of the most dangerous selfies which no ever seen.

selfie death

After having this man loose the grip which results in the girl fallen from the height.teen died loosing balance after having a photo shootA 17 Years Russian girl lost her balance and fell on a cable from 28 feet from the ground and passed away.

john cafferty

John cafferty had a shark attack while attempting for this selfie and lost his life.

oscar otero aguilar selfie

Oscar Otero Aguilar after shaving a party in a drunken state he attempted to take a selfie and it got misfired which result in his death.

taj mahal

A Japanese tourist slipped down the stairs at Taj Mahal and has died while trying to take a selfie.

Two Iranian girls crash their car while singing and overtaking the truck.

During a vacation to Cabo da Roca parents tried to take a selfie and slipped from the edge of a mountain in front of their children which made the children orphans.

Bride killed in a car crash before getting married by taking a selfie.

I would like to say few words to the people who attempt to take risky shots, “Life is too short to enjoy” there are many ways to attract and gain the attention of people around us so let us try some this which can add value to our living rather than give up our lives in the middle.

Do share this with the people whom you care and want to prevent them by taking these risky selfies.



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