Looking to for best Netflix Alternatives? Well, Netflix is not only the one who offers on demand streaming videos there are many best alternatives to Netflix who provides video streaming services.

We have listed few free and paid alternatives to Netflix which comes in an affordable price range.

Amazon Prime Videos

amazon prime videos Netflix alternative

Amazon prime or prime videos is an on demand video streaming service by Amazon; you can find all latest TV serials, New movies and Web series at high quality.

If you Amazon prime member you even have access to view few paid latest movies for free. If you plan to watch a movie with the whole family then choosing Amazon prime member ship can help you out in saving a lot of time and money.

Amazon Prime is one of the best Netflix alternatives as the prices are very affordable, you can get premium subscription free for 30 days and $99 for one complete year upon completion of free train check out

Check out Amazon Prime Videos

Hulu Plus

hulu-Netflix alternatives

Hulu is one of the leading stream service provider who offers instant access to live videos and on demand videos. Hulu has some original series and premium library of movies.

Hulu is also the oldest on demand video service provider since 2008. Hulu is especially entertainment service Provider Company who has partnered with 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, and many other famous movie makers.

Hulu has a joint venture in producing TV serials with some big networks like FOX, ABC, and NBC hence almost all the serials published in these networks are available to watch through Hulu.

Hulu offers $7.99/months subscription plan with ads and one drawback in this is you cannot skip advertisements. If watching ads is not an issue then Hulu Plus is one of the best alternatives to Netflix.

Check out Hulu Plus


youtube netflix alternative

Well, YouTube is one of the well-known video sharing sites and reason, why it is on this list, is because it is free and you can watch most of the web series for free on YouTube.

It is one of the best alternatives to Netflix coming to entertainment point of view as you can find all the latest trending videos and even few popular movies for free.

Check out YouTube


itunes Netflix Alternative

iTunes is most famous music store where all the Apple users hang out; it offers a broad range of latest premium music. Apart from music, you can even subscribe to the premium plans to watch HD movies, TV serials which you can download to your device and watch them or rent a movie to watch for a time.

iTunes is the best option if you are on a journey and to look at the movies on demand by renting it.

Check out iTunes store


crackle-netflix alternative

Crackle is most famous for Orginal web series, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. Sony Pictures Entertainment owns crackle.

Crackle is very famous for comedy shows, and it is free to use. All you need to do is a just register, and it allows you to watch all the videos in entire store. It also suggests videos and web series based on interest. It is available to all the streaming devices, and you can continue watching the series whenever you want by just pausing it.

Check out Crackle


Epix-netflix alternative

Epix is a premium cable channel like HBO and ShowTime who has a video on demand service to its users. You can stream videos to all your devices if you have a subscription plan for its cable service.

You can try this for 14 days for free

Check out Epix


cinema now -netflix alternative

CinemaNow is on demand internet media streaming which is only available in the United States. CinemaNow offers many Serials and shows that are not available on television networks and local video stores.

It offers three modes of services like Pay preview, downloads own, and subscription plans. To access CinemaNow, you need to have a good internet connection as it only streams the programs from the cloud.

CinemaNow has different prices for different movies, and they do expire after 24hours after purchase. If internet access is not an Issue for you, then this is the best Netflix alternative.

Check Out CinemaNow


Vudu Netflix alternative

Vudu is a video streaming service where you can rent movies, TV shows. To use Vudu a good internet connection is required as it streams the videos from its cloud.

As the videos will stream, from the cloud so you can watch the movies from anywhere anytime.

Unlike other, on demand video services providers Vudu offers pay per purchased, so there are no subscription or hidden fee. Vudu has an excellent collection of Old and latest movies. Even though you cannot sign up to Vudu without a credit card, but it is worth of subscribing if you watch the movies or TV serials on the go.

Check out Vudu

Sling TV

sling tv Netflix alternative

Sling TV offers On demand TV shows, Movies on subscription plans. One best thing in Sling TV it is streaming TV shows provider which helps to watch the shows anywhere you want.

Sling TV has almost every News channel, Entertainment channel and movie channels. Sling TV offers three subscription options Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Orange + Blue where.

Sling TV is cheaper monthly subscription plans start from $20 compared to Directv Now, Plastation Vue which usually charges $35 and $30 per month.

You can give a try for 7 Days free trial with sling TV, and you can cancel the subscription at any time if you are not comfortable with the services or the channels which are being provided by Sling TV

Check out Sling TV


Fandor-netflix alternative

Fandor is an on-demand movie streaming service provider on a monthly subscription. If you watch movies frequently, then Fandor is best option to choose.

One major advantage of Fandor is you can stream the videos on the go. Fandor claimed that 80% of its movies are not available Netflix.

Fandor is a good option if you watch plenty of movies as it comes for $90/year subscription plan where you can watch almost all the latest movies and old movies.

Check out Fandor

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I would recommend you to go with Hulu Plus as it offers online streaming service for the better price and this is one the best Netflix alternative so far compared to others. However, if you are fond of movies then you can choose any of the others as per the plans mentioned below.

Netflix Alternatives & Pricing

Subscription PriceTrail Period
Netflix$8/ Month30 Days
Amazon Prime$10.99/ Month
30 Days
Hulu Plus$7.99/ Month30 Days
iTunes$4.99 Per MovieNA
Epix$8/ Month14 Days
CinemaNow$4.99/- Per Movie NA
Vudu$4.99/- MovieNA
Sling TV$20/- Month 7 Days
Fandor$7.50/- Month 14 Days


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