The Revolution Of Technology[ Infographic]

Revolution , it may be any aspect but causes huger changes. Internet celebrated its 20 years recently. We found a drastic “tera change” in the last two decades. The advancement of technology brought many things to reality. Rackspace Hosting presents an info graphic showing how the technology has revolutionized.

How to Delete Saved Passwords from All Browsers at Once

While browsing internet to avoid entering repeatedly sign in details at the login page we opt to save password option to make the browser remember our credentials. Similarly when we use different browsers for surfing internet on your personal computer we do save some passwords in the browsers. Saving passwords on browser is not safe […]

10 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Status

Facebook status is one of the best ways to show your wavelength of nerves to friends instantly. More creative the Facebook update is, the more friends respond to your post. So today let us see the best 10 ways to rock your Facebook status. 1.Post your update in Different language Post your Facebook update in […]

How to Check-in Facebook Places without Mobile Device

Facebook Places is the service from Facebook using which you can easily share where you are, what you’re doing and the friends you’re with. Facebook places is a service mainly accessible from a mobile device. You can use or the official Facebook App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, HP webOS or Windows Phone 7 to check in. But when you don’t have […]

Sending a Private Message on Twitter

Twitter is rolling up with many features to make its users update. last night it released two of its new features for Twitter users. These features helps to know who is tweeting your tweets, increase the followers by tweeting valuable information related to your niche. You can find more details from Twitter official blog In […]

Update All Your Android app at a Click

Android app Market is always come up with new apps and their updates. installing applications form Android market is easy as every one knows it. Most of the users try all the latest app which are released on the app stores and fails to keep them up to date. All the developers keep on working […]

Create Jaw-dropping Travel Slideshows with Tripwow

We always love to share our photos which we take when we go to a trip or a holiday vacation. Uploading and sharing the photos through link is general way. But here is an different and easy way of sharing your trip photos through slideshows. Tripadvisor presents tripwow which makes our photos into professional slideshows […]

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