Max Haot, CEO of explained that the Royal wedding reigned the internet traffic with the record of 300,000 simultaneous viewers and also an outstanding total, of viewers coming to the huge number of minimum 2million.

The UK’s BBC site failed in handling the rush on their page and  showed up “Error 500 – Internal Error” explaining viewers, “This might be because we are experiencing abnormal traffic to our network.”

Simultaneously Facebook and Youtube were rushed on for the event which  trended to a 3 million users on Facebook discussing about the Royal wedding for past 24hrs.

Akamai Technologies, which delivers about 20 per cent of the world’s Internet traffic, said that the content peaked at nearly 5.4 million page views a minute on Friday morning which was the sixth largest amount of traffic ever.
The Royal Wedding Official page on Flickr is now “the happening “. The Official page hosted the photos of the Royal Wedding showcasing the glamor and grandeur of the event.


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