Samsung Galaxy S4 Something to Look Out For in 2013

2012 has been a fantastic year for smart phones and it seems that the phone frenzy has seeped into this year as well even though we haven’t even made it into the second month of the year. Already we have the tech experts coming out with predictions as to what the year holds and all the Android fans have their own list of things to eagerly wait for. One of these undoubtedly includes the much awaited release of the fourth edition of the Samsung’s flagship smart phones the Galaxy.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a mega hit and outdid all the competition by light years. The company already has an avid fan base and it seems in no mood to disappoint.  There were rumors that the S4 would be revealed at the CES 2013 show but this did not happen. Now Samsung is expected to announce the phone at the Mobile World Congress set to take place by the end of February. Even though that’s just around the corner, the rumors are buzzing and early reviews are already taking shape. Here is what the buzz is so far about the S4.

1.Pricing. So far there has been no pricing news but the expected price is as much as the S3 cost at its release. However, since the S4 is already getting some healthy competition from the Google Nexus, Samsung may rethink its pricing and offer something a little less high end. But if the hardware is brand new, then the cost may as well rise or remain at the original estimated 500 pounds rather than plummeting. Either way, we can all be ready to empty out our pockets because even if prices lower, the S4 will remain a high end phone and thus cost more than any other sets out there.

2.Screen and Display.  This is probably the most talked about aspect of the upcoming phone as just about everyone has become visually fixated since HD phenomenon has taken hold in cell phone manufacturers, each vying to come up with better technology for it. The S4 is expected to have a 5inch HD display with a 1920×1080 resolution. According to AnandTech, the screen will be a full RGB OLED (the PenTile AMOLED was in S3). Also, there are rumors of an unbreakable screen but that’s probably not happening anytime soon.

3.Wireless Charging. Pretty much all smart phones complain of pathetic battery life and in case of Android’s this is an ugly truth (along with cell phone monitoring and Android spy apps) which is perhaps why the idea of wireless charging is so appealing to the masses. Nokia Lumia 920 has already released wireless charging as an inbuilt part of the phone and it seems the S4 may be the next to do so. And of course we are talking about Samsung so the release of new technology is expected; it may be something that goes hand in hand with the already existing wireless charging patent Samsung applied for in July.

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