Looking for the best Skype Alternatives? Well, here are some of the best alternatives for Skype which are available in the market.

Skype is one of the well-known for video calling around the globe for its quality of audio call and video calling. Skype has now made restrictions to make a group call and asking to become a premium member to use all of its functionalities.

However, many other applications and service providers offer similar and better features compared to Skype.

We have listed down top 10 best Skype alternatives for regular use and business usage.

Let’s discuss few best video calling applications which help to connect with friends and family.

Google Hangouts

google hangouts - skype alternative

Well, if you are a regular user of Google products you might be knowing about Google Hangouts application it connects users based on the Email.

The quality of video calling and the connectivity is quite impressive and the secure. It is a 100% free product which don’t have any hidden charge or monthly subscription. You can use Google Hangouts for both personal and business purpose. As this is a Google product all you need to have is a Gmail ID to use it.

You can broadcast any of your events using Hangouts on air option and later it can upload to your YouTube channel for future reference. It is a perfect choice if you plan for a webinar or video conference for your important business events.

Download Google Hangouts


viber - skype alternative

Viber is a chat application that helps to connect friends and family. It has both texting and video calling feature enabled, and you can connect based on your requirement.

Viber has a beautiful mobile application which makes you addictive with its stickers. Calling connectivity of Viber is not bad, and you can chat or have a video conversation from mobile to desktop or vice versa.

All you need is to ensure Viber has installed in the recipient device. Viber also offers voice calling to worldwide mobile numbers at an affordable cost.

Viber is completely ads free application and a recommended for an everyday usage to stay connected with family and friends.

Download Viber


oovoo-skype alternative

Oovoo is a well know social chat application which has more than 185 million users. Oovoo offers high-quality video chat and instant messaging.

You can create new short video and share with your friends and the other members in oovoo to build up new connections and friends.

Some of the key features of oovoo are you can send HD videos to friends, Upload and send high-quality pictures without compression of quality, creating new groups and making an engaging community.

You can have eight people video conversation with high quality at a time.

Download Oovoo


icq-skype alternative

ICQ is a similar application like Skype where you need to install in both the devices and get connected. You can have a group conversation both audio and video.

It offers many stickers in its application which can be used instantly while having a live chat with friends or family members.

You can send voice messages to another person if he is not available online, ICQ has a feature to sync the previous conversations and secure them. Security levels ICQ is high, and you can have a safe conversation with friends or family.

Download ICQ

Google Duo

google duo-skype alternative

The duo is an only video calling application that helps to make a high-quality video calling with your partner on the go without any hurdles; Google claims that it is the fastest and high-quality video call application which is available on the market.

Calling experience in Duo is excellent if you have a high-speed internet connectivity. Unlike Google Hangouts you can use Duo using your phone number to contact your friends.

Download Google Duo


imo - skype alternative

IMO is a mobile chat application which is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is a basic chat application which has Video calling feature that helps to make video calling.

IMO help to make a video calling in low signal strength, and this is one of the apps which is beeing used in the places where is there are data restrictions and poor internet connectivity.

Voice and Video calling quality are not bad compared to the other mobile application which offers texting can video calling features.

Download IMO

Well, in the above list we have discussed alternatives to Skype which offers basic video calling functions that help a regular user to stay connected with family and friends.

Skype widely used in various business for making live conferences with the clients and the inbound team members.

One of the major features of Skype for business is sharing the desktop which helps to give presentation among a group. And Skype is not only the one who provides this type of the solution, and many other applications do this job and let us discuss them.


cisco webex-skype alternative

Webex is by Cisco a leading networking agency who offers networking solutions for many MNC. Cisco Webex is a video calling application that helps business to set up video conference anywhere in the globe and share their screens.

It is one the most secure application to have some important and confidential meeting as security levels of this application are high. It helps to stay connected with the team members if you have a team from various location.

Cisco Webex also has a mobile application so that one can stay active even traveling.

Download WebEx


jitis a sype alternative

Jitsi is an open source project which helps you to deploy secure video conference. It is one of the best alternatives to Skype, one of the major feature in Jitsi is there is not limit for people involving in a video conference.

There is no external signup required for this all you need is to generate a link for the conference and share it with the group, and people can enter into the conference by following the link.

Jitsi has good voice calling as well as video capability while making a group conversations or meetings.

Download Jitsi


gotomeeting a alternative for skype

Gotomeeting used for making live webinars or events as it offers timely reminders and sign ups.

GoToMeeting is the best solution if you plan for a lecture with people.

If you are and individual and don’t want to mess up with many technical things by inviting people to webinars or online conference, then GoToMeeting is the best solution that solves all these problems.

All you need to do is set a meeting date and let the users register if they are interested and GoToMeeting will take care rest all things by sending reminders before the meetings starts

Download GoToMeeting


toxchat a alternative for skype

Tox is a free application that helps to stay connected with a group with the meetings. By installing Tox you can create a group and kick start a conference without any delay you can have instant texting, video calling to make meeting and it is easy to share screen while making discussions

If you have a small organization, then this is one of the best application to have meeting among your group to share files and discussions

Download Tox

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We have listed these based on the security levels offered by the applications, as we always give importance to user privacy and safety.

Do you know any other best alternatives of Skype or let us know which application use as an alternative otoSkype in your daily life.


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