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The Sunrise State (Andhra Pradesh) which is all set to be home for Tesla outside of California. As per the discussion held by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (India) Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and Tesla Car’s CEO Elon Musk for the first time regarding starting if Tesla car’s manufacturing unit the discussion had turned into fruitful manner MR. Elon Musk has accepted the invitation of Andhra Pradesh State government and confirmed to start Tesla first manufacturing unit outside California.

During the discussion, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu CM of Andhra Pradesh has explained the future of his state and the rise in the growth of the solar power utilization and availability has impressed the Elon Musk to start Tesla Car’s manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh. Telsa was excited to know that Andhra Pradesh state had added 4000 MW of Clean Energy in the last 3 years after Mr.Naidu took over the Govt.

Tesla’s very own country USA is against the Solar Energy taking over and the Lobbyists from Oil and Power companies are constantly influencing the Senate and Congress blocking the move towards Clean Energy,

Invitation from Andhra Pradesh is a Win-Win situation for both Tesla and India.

Once Tesla enters Andhra Pradesh and supports its dream of a Solar run state, electricity prices will drop from 4-6 Rupees per unit to 1-2 Rupees per unit in less than 5-10 years which will be the Cheapest Price for Power in any major country.

This is really good move for Andhra Pradesh Government to attract other leading brands to starts their services in India. Andhra Pradesh is newly formed state and has good policies for new startups to start their inventories.



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