Bought a new Android smart phone ? Then here come the app that makes your mobile device more useful and help full in your daily life. These are the most/must have apps on your smart phone to make more use of it.

facebookFacebook: We know that whole world is crazy about that friends and their activities, Facebook is the one of the best place where most of the people share things and the best place to connect with friends and have a chit chat. So we recommend this as the first app that you need to download on your mobile device.

InstagramInstagram: Well instagram is the best app that adds more value to your photographs which are shot on your smart phone. This is the best app that helps to share images with your friends and in almost all the social networking sites.


chrome browserChrome Browser: The main purpose of a smart phone is to browse the websites sites get updated with the latest stats. Chrome for android smartphone adds better browsing experience as it is easy to navigate from tab to tab and you can synchronize your data with Google.


evernoteEvernote: This is the most recommend app for all most all the smart phones as it synchronize the data from the desktop/laptop and make the data available at any time you wish to view it. This app helps yourself more organized and productive.



What’s App: The app that allows you to text with your friends where ever they are for free of cost. You can register with your mobile number and can text with your friends unlimited for free.




Swift Key: This is most helpful app that makes your keyboard more feasible to tap. Though this is a paid app it is worth of buying it. You will have a new experience and easy to custom text on your smartphone.



flashlightFlashlight: Flashlight app may sounds like waste on phone, but it is recommend as you can turn it on when your surroundings are dark to find the right things on time.



These are the app which are listed out considering every one in mind if you find some more app are to be added in this list please say us them through comment section we will update this list if we find they are useful.


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