Day by day smart phone users are being increased virally because of their cool interface and easy to use and apart for the using as a business device most of the people love to play games on it. Hand there are plenty of apps that work as robots too i.e you can control few things easy using your smart phone like operation gout TV etc,.


Orbotix team has designed Sphero an robotic ball which will be controlled by your smartphone via bluetooth. With a similar set-up to any analogue stick you can find on a games console, where and how far away from the center of the screen you touch determines where and how fast the sphere travels. You can control the ball by just tapping or tilting your smartphone in what ever the direction you want.

Sphero’s are designed using polycarbonates shell to protect the robotic gaming engine inside. The our side of the ball was covered with a white shell which allows you to give a specific color to it by using some LED lights inside. You can charge the device via wire less connection, there is not plugin slot for this and a complete spherical.

You need to install an app on your device which will helps to inter link both the mobile and the robot. There are plenty of games were being developed on this to give the users best gaming experience.

Orbotix are currently taking pre-orders at the moment but Sphero will be available later this year and will cost $129.99 while games for it will range from free to $9.99.

This app supports both Android and ios and the updates and new games will be available on your market stores as soon once the device was out into the market.

Here are a few videos that will let you know how this app works

So what do you say on this app are willing to order this ? If you are interested in having this app just dont delay grab this first by making a preorder now at Gosphero


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