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Looking for cable TV alternatives to get basic TV without cable? Well, here comes Tickbox TV review find out whether it is the best alternative to your cable TV or not.

Day by day cable TV charges are being increased and never gives us the freedom to watch our favorite TV show or movie when we wish to.

Purchasing TV shows or on-demand movies has become expensive. In the cable networks and the streaming services like Netflix and other.

The best solution to get free cable TV legally is to have an online streaming box like “Tickbox TV” it gives you the freedom of watching unlimited TV shows, News channels and movies.

Tickbox TV works the best online TV streaming device which comes with thousands of channels and movies. It is a plug and play device through which you can have access to all the media content which is available on regular cable TV.

By using online streaming TV boxes like Tickbox, you can make maximum utilization of unlimited fiber Internet connection which is available at the cheaper process and reduces your monthly cable bills.

tickbox tv review

How does Tickbox TV work?

Tickbox TV is a simple online media streaming device which works with your native high-speed broadband (internet) connection. It has an Ethernet connection at the back to which you have to connect your internet cable and HDMI cable between your TV and setup box.

Tickbox TV offers hundreds of TV shows and 24/7 live streaming news channels and entertainment channels for free. You can even watch on Demand movies, and TV episodes that were just aired best part are you will never pay a cent to watch these things.

Are there any hidden charges to use Tickbox TV?  

There is no hidden costs or monthly subscription to watch TV. Only one-time payment is sufficient for life a time to use Tickbox TV.

Tickbox TV is cheaper compared to all the other online media streaming devices available on the market it cost $149.95, but it is now available with 40% discount which is of $89.95 as a one-time fee.

Can I shift Tickbox TV if I relocate?

Well, you can carry Tickbox TV where ever you go it just need a high-speed internet connection to stream the media. It is the best alternative to your cable TV as you need to pay any installation fee again for new cable TV service provider.

Specification of TickBox TV:

Tickbox TV comes with Android 5.1 operating system so you can install all the apps that are available at Google Play Store and it supports Kodi Media Players.

Hardware Details:

  • Quad core processor,
  • Penta Core graphics processor,
  • 8GB EMMC Flash,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Hardware 3D graphics accessibility
  • It supports to watch videos of 720p, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD Quality.

How to connect tickbox tv

Tickbox TV is the most powerful android box which is available in the present market.

Good thing about Tickbox TV is there is no necessity to having Smart TV you can convey your regular TV which has HDMI port

What comes in the box?

Tickbox TV comes with the digital box (streaming device) and a native remote, optional elegant digital keyboard which helps to control the TV channel.

The digital keyboard looks like a small keyboard with a track pad on the top for navigation. And this digital keyboard is helpful to play games that are available in the Google Play Store and to search for the favorite episode or video in the YouTube or any other networks or apps.


Well, over all it is recommended to purchase TickBox TV as it offers some great features at an affordable cost, no other streaming service come at this price with unlimited entertainment channels and movies to watch. It comes with 40% off on its purchase and it has 30 days money back policies if you are not satisfied with its performance or services.



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