Vivo Phone with under screen finger print scanner

New Under Display Finger Print Scanning Phone

We have rumors going around about new iPhone 8 which is going to have an onscreen fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. Qualcomm has released a new fingerprint sensor which helps to unlock the device by placing the finger on the screen which tested a while ago.

By using this Qualcomm fingerprint sensor an upcoming smartphone manufacturer company, Vivo announced its next device with has Under Display Fingerprint Scanning technology. Even though many mobile manufacturing companies working on this we can say Vivo is the first smartphone company who has announced its prototype first into the market.

vivo new phone

What is Ultra Fingerprint Scanning Technology?

Ultra Fingerprint Scanning Technology helps to unlock the device using your fingerprint it works on the Piezoelectric effect which is used to produce and receive ultrasonic signals. Ultra Fingerprint Scanning Technology phones have the ability to pass ultrasonic signals through the OLED screen to identify different reflection strengths at the fingerprint ridges and the fingerprint valleys to recognize the finger which registered with it.

People love to have the complete on-screen display on their mobile devices which results in the new era of this bezel-less display phones coming into the market, and thanks to this new fingerprint scanning technology it proved that there are possibilities to make a phone which has an on-screen finger scanning option to unlock the device. On a result of these technologies, we can have a better gaming and viewing experiences on mobile devices.

Let’s talk how this new Vivo phone works and what are the features which are going to be available.

Vivo Phone with under screen finger print scanner-2

Well, Vivo is a good smartphone manufacturer who competes with the big brands in the mobile industry with its stylish designs and high-end specification phones at an affordable price in the market. Coming to India Vivo has good sales in the offline market compared to the online sales.

We can say this is a great move by the company to beat the big brands like Samsung, HTC, LG and One Plus as people these days love to welcome the devices which have a high performance and good specs.

As featured in the video phone comes with full bezel-less display along with the fingerprint sensor/scanner at the bottom of the screen where you need to place your finger to unlock your device.

piezoelectric effect phones

Once you put your finger on at the bottom of the screen ultrasonic signals emits through the OLED display and recognize the fingerprint rings and valleys to authenticate the user. Once the device is unlocked, you can see a complete on-screen display.

Vivo new Under Display Finger Print Scanning Phone

This device has come with waterproof and dustproof technology so you can even unlock the device under water and even it is rainy.

The overall look of the look of the device feels good with its bezel-less display in the side phone give better viewing experience.

vivo new phone camera over view

The phone has a dual camera at the back of the phone, and it is expected to have a front-facing camera at the top of the display which is not visible till it gets activated while taking selfies.

I hope this phone is going to launch into the market soon as rumors say Apple is also planning to launch it’s iPhone 8 in coming September with a limited edition. We are not confirmed with any specs and the pricing of the device yet.

Have a look on the into a video by Vivo:

Overall the phone has killer looks, and it is expected to have flagship specs too. If you are planning to grab a new device then to need to wait till it strikes the market as you can have the first Under Display Fingerprint Scanning phone in your hand 😉

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So what is your opinion on this is it going to be a flagship killer of 2017? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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