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On June 4, 2017
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Looking for the best Wi-Fi router? Xiaomi has launched Mi Router 3C a budget friendly router in India which cost ₹1,199/- find out whether it is good to buy or not.

Mi Router 3C

Xiaomi is well known as a budget-friendly electronic manufacturer in India. Xiaomi made a big revolution in the Indian smartphone industry by offering best-performing phones under user-friendly pricing.

Mi Router 3C is the first Xiaomi router in India which cost just Rs 1,199/- for home and small offices who look for a better Wifi connectivity.

At present, there is no other router which is available in India in this price range. Let’s find out whether this can fit as your home router or small office router or not.

Mi Router 3C comes with four antennas with an elegant plastic body. Mi Router 3C is a single bad router which has a wireless frequency of 2.4GHz up to 300Mbps speed which is having a memory capacity of 64MB RAM and 16MB ROM. This Mi Router has one WAN port and two LAN ports all the three have a capacity of 10/100Mbps speeds. It has a signal range of 80m and one main key feature in this router is it can perform high speeds even though surrounded by concrete walls.

Mi Router 3C comes with a good packaging which holds Router, power adapter and a user configuration manual (where you can find the general instruction how to do stuff).

I was using ACT broadband connection, and we should make a note that this router does not come within built modem you need ADSL to connect the device. As I was using ACT fiber net, there is no requirement of any other additional adopters to use this device, and this device can directly use for almost all the fiber net providers like ACT, Airtel and some other local internet providers.

Configuring this Mi router 3C is very easy all you need is to connect the internet port into the WAN port, and it will start with a yellow light in from of router which turns into blue in few seconds which indicates the router is ready to use. You need to download the Mi WIFI app which is available in the play store, or you can get the app direct link by scanning QC code which is on the box or back side of the router.

After ensuring the app is installed just enable Wi-Fi connectivity on the phone, and you can find Xiamoi username as your nearby Wi-Fi.

Now you need to select it and login with the admin username and password of your internet service provider once you’re done it connects automatically, and you are ready to use the device very easy right?

After activating the internet, you can set the admin rights for the router which is helpful while giving access and controlling other Wi-Fi enabled devices around you.

You can do everything directly from the app itself like rebooting, firmware update, parental control, firewall, enabling guest controls and permissions along with bandwidth allocation and much more.

Coming to connectivity, it is quite similar to other routers, whereas MI Router 3C Wi-Fi mobile app helps to do almost everything remotely when every required. With its parental control enabled feature you can monitor the usage of others, and you can even block the usage of few websites.

Tracking of other devices and fixing some URL permissions to other devices is very easy using this MI Wi-Fi app. Unlike the other routers no need to login to your router admin section to fix the speed issues you can boost signal speed using boost option in the app.

You can log into router admin panel by default web address and the default password as the Wi-Fi password. From this home page you can monitor home many devices can be used and their data usage along with the speeds and the URL controls. Unlike the other routers, this MI router home UI is user-friendly and easy to understand. You can know the uptime downtime along with the band speed provided by internet service provider without using any other 3rd party websites.

In the Advance Setting Page, you can manage QOS (Quality of the service) based on the activities performed by you.

You can allocate certain bandwidth speed to each device that is working on your network, and you can give preference such as allocating bandwidth for certain tasks like Webpage loading, Videos Streaming and Gaming. You can able to fix a particular IP address to the specific device in your home or office. In this advanced mode you can setup port forwarding, and VPN accesses also.

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Video streaming in pretty good even though we stream YouTube from a long distance. When I stream YouTube from my living room which is of 10mtr distance from the palace where the router installed, I can stream 1080p HD video without any lag or delay even though there are 3 concrete walls enclosed. I was impressed with the performance of Mi Router 3C, and I will suggest this router if you are to have once for your home or small office use.



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