YouTube Alternatives

Looking for a best YouTube alternatives to monetize your channel earning or platforms to share your thoughts? Well, we have listed down few best alternatives for YouTube that you can start right now.

No doubt YouTube is one the best video sharing website which has more than 21.8 Billion monthly active users. However, as per the latest algorithms changes by YouTube, it is not so easy to rank your videos, and new content creators have to wait till they reached minimum 10,000 users on their videos.

There was a saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket. So you need to try some other sources too.

If you have a valuable information or highly entertaining stuff to share with can start generating earnings, then you need to try these YouTube alternatives.


youtube alternative-patreon

As per the recent trends and a case study by gaps about Patreon earnings say this is one of the best platforms to make a good amount of money by sharing your thoughts, valuable feedback or reviews on the products.

Patreon has 72.7 Million monthly users, and Patreon provides a platform to content creators where they have an option to get paid from their users through a premium subscription. Helps content creators to produce more quality videos.

Patreon has content creators and video broadcasters who make more than $34,000 per month through subscription method in which they share their knowledge.


youtube alternatives-daily motion

Dailymotion is second largest video sharing website in the world which has 253.9 Million monthly active users.

Videos in this sites have an enormous potential to go viral and reach millions of people in a short time as the users at Dailymotion usually share videos which they watch.

UI of the website is simple and quite similar to YouTube. You can upload 1080p videos which have a time duration of 60min.

To make revenue from Dailymotion, you need to a part of DailyMotion Open VOD program so that you can make money once your video hits maximum views.


youtube alternative-vimeo

Next, to Dailymotion we can say Vimeo is leading video sharing site, Vimeo has a beautiful UI with well-organized categories which makes its users stay tuned for a long time.

Vimeo has 167.4 Million monthly active users, revenue generating from Vimeo has few different ways unlike YouTube it provides a platform to content creators to sell their videos via Vimeo On demand.

If you are a creator of unique, high-quality videos, then this is one of the best places to try as Vimeo pay 90% on the sale.

In this, you can create a web series on a good topic you can open a paid subscriptions for the users to watch your serials.

A free user has upload limitations for 500Mb per week; you can switch to the premium plans to get more uploading space.

Revenue from Vimeo is also same as the other video sharing sites which are usually through a number of video views.


If you are serious about video content creation, then I would strongly suggest you go with Patreon and Vimeo as the people who stream these sites have paid subscription intention. If your content has a high information or entertaining, then people are going to be paid subscribers to your channel.


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