Author: Vijaya Bhaskar

Bitly Pro is out of beta!!

Shortening URLs with bityl has got more powerful and fun.Bitly Pro is now out of beta and is available for everyone for free.Bitly Pro enables its users to add their custom domain and view the URL analytics which help them to track the clicks on those links.Bitly is more helpful at tracking your post links […]

Google all set to kick off its Groupon Competitor, Google Offers

  After failing to  acquire  groupon for $6 billion last year , Google now hits with its competitor for groupon called as Google Offers. The killer advantage for Google Offers is that it  will integrate seamlessly with Google Wallet, the company’s NFC-based payment system to be launched soon. Instead of printing out a coupon, completed […]

Royal Wedding Breaks Records on

Max Haot, CEO of explained that the Royal wedding reigned the internet traffic with the record of 300,000 simultaneous viewers and also an outstanding total, of viewers coming to the huge number of minimum 2million. The UK’s BBC site failed in handling the rush on their page and  showed up “Error 500 – Internal Error” explaining viewers, “This might be because […]

Apple Sues Samsung for infringing patents of iPhone and iPad.

Apple has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Samsung for copying  iPhone and iPad designs in the Galaxy series of mobile phones and tablets. The lawsuit was filed for infringing number of Apple patents and trademarks. Apple says that instead of coming with a new idea for its devices it took the Apple’s way being […]

No Google Video from May 19th

Emails to all Google Video users late last week, notified that  it was going to shutdown the video portal. Videos won’t be available for viewing starting April 29. Registered users can downlaod their previously uploaded videos until May 13 via a download button that Google will add to the page. Google recommends users upload their […]

Customize your Gmail background image.

After two years of introduction of themes, Gmail now allows you to add a custom background to your Gmail homepage. Main area and footer of the webpage can be customized. Now you can add your favorite star image or a wallpaper you like the most or even the best photo of yours from Picasa web […]

Youtube to broadcast IPL live.

The cricket fever is back and now its time the internet has become a platform for the live cricket. Indiatimes started its Youtube IPL live channel to quench the thirst of IPL in India. All the matches are available live at a 5-minute delay and the full match videos are hosted soon after the match […]

AutoCAD WS for Android

Autodesk announced its AutoCAD WS app for Android which runs on Aclair 2.1. The AutoCAD WS web and mobile application for AutoCAD software can be used to view, edit, and share DWG™ drawings through a web browser or mobile device.Autodesk released its AutoCAD WS app for mobile last September. Autodesk announced that the app will […]