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Google Plus, a failure from Google [ Infographic ]

Google has been the king of search and many other services but also it had failed in some services. Google kicked out Google Plus into the field of social networking with a lot of hype and glitter. But it couldn’t stay firm before the reigning Facebook  and Twitter. While many people have registered for Google Plus very enthusiastically but hardly […]

Your Facebook Profile May Give You A Job [ Infographic ]

Yes, your Facebook profile may influence your job because the recent study by online reputation manager, Reppler revealed that a shocking 91% of recruiters select candidates by applicants’ social networking profiles and with no wonder Facebook is on the top of the list of social networks. Here is the infographic which shows more stunning facts

Is your Smartphone Hacker-Proof?? [Infographic]

Smartphone are now the power-packed devices we hold in hand for doing almost many things in this “tera age”. From ticket booking to bank transfers smartphones have become a very great handy too. Being easy and fast, all the transactions we do on a smartphone are now increasing. Undoubtedly, the emerging times of the Smartphone […]

The Revolution Of Technology[ Infographic]

Revolution , it may be any aspect but causes huger changes. Internet celebrated its 20 years recently. We found a drastic “tera change” in the last two decades. The advancement of technology brought many things to reality. Rackspace Hosting presents an info graphic showing how the technology has revolutionized.

Top 20 Passwords of all Time [Infographic]

You wonder what your friend types every time so long at the time of log in? You stumble every time when you want to choose a new password for the site? Then here is an interesting infographic you must see. It shows the top 20 passwords that are being used of all time on internet. […]

Phone Addiction [Infographic]

How addicted to phone are you?? With the reign of the smartphones and numerous apps mobile phones have been almost became an “human organ”. Telenav have conducted a survey about what people would be willing to give up for a week instead of their phone. The results are astonishing for some and rather obvious for […]

Google+ pulls 20 million users in 3 weeks

Google launched its Social Networking site three weeks ago. It made a revolution in the social networking sites with its excellent user interface. Web-traffic watchers ComScore Inc. estimated Google+ has 20 Million unique visitors since it launch, which includes five million visitors from U.S. ComScore, estimates are based on “global measurement panel” of two million […]