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99 Cool CMD Commands Prompts for Windows User

If you are a regular windows user and want to improve your usability speed on your windows machine? Well, these cool CMD commands will definitely enhance your work out put and makes you look like a pro user. If you are especially in the field where you need to trouble shoot windows operating laptops or […]

10 Best Netflix Alternatives along with Pricing

Looking to for best Netflix Alternatives? Well, Netflix is not only the one who offers on demand streaming videos there are many best alternatives to Netflix who provides video streaming services. We have listed few free and paid alternatives to Netflix which comes in an affordable price range. Amazon Prime Videos Amazon prime or prime […]

5 Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

Searching for the Microsoft Outlook alternatives? Well, you landed to the right place we have listed top 5 email clients similar to Outlook which are safe and easy to use. Microsoft Outlook is very popular email client which comes with Microsoft Office; it offers many features which provided by most of the web mails service […]

Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage

How to Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage

Google Chrome uses a multi-process architecture which means all running applications in Chrome are isolated from each other. Due to this, we have better control over tabs, plug-ins, and extensions which imply, when a plug-in or a tab crashes, we have our other tabs and processes undisturbed.Google Chrome sometimes takes a significant chunk of CPU […]

Reduce Google Chrome CPU Usage

How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks and Passwords

Chrome is one of the best web browsers on the globe which is being used by millions of people. We all love it because of its cool interface and easy to access our previous history. Backup of chrome data locally is always recommended though Google chrome backup all our data automatically respective google account which […]

How to stop windows 10 automatic updates downloads

Windows 10 is one of the fasters and secured operating system since its release. Unlike the old versions, Windows 10 keep on releasing the updated frequently to provide the users the secured network. All the windows 10 updates are being downloaded in the background whenever there is a new update available. This results in the slowdown of the […]