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6 Gmail Labs you should always keep enabled.

Gmail being the best email client on the earth beating even many desktop clients provides some additional features in “Gmail Labs” which can be enabled or disabled by user. In the recent past some Gmail Labs have been added into Gmail as default .We’ll discuss some of the Gmail Labs features which should be always […]

All You Need to Know About Gmail Offline

Today Gmail launched their Offline version of Gmail after months they have discontinued Google Gears service. Gmail Offline comes as a web app for the Google Chrome which sits on your new tab page. It is built mainly keeping Chromebooks in mind as they don’t have any facility to install third party mail clients. It […]

Customize your Gmail background image.

After two years of introduction of themes, Gmail now allows you to add a custom background to your Gmail homepage. Main area and footer of the webpage can be customized. Now you can add your favorite star image or a wallpaper you like the most or even the best photo of yours from Picasa web […]